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CATALooK.netStore Pro & Booking Tools
CATALooK.netStore Pro & Booking Tools
  • Sell any kind of item – products, services, even downloads from single or multiple vendors
  • Subscriptions
  • Recurring Billing
  • Configurable products
  • Bundled products
  • Discount coupons, gift certificates, quantity discounts, wholesale pricing
  • Rentable Products
  • Donations
  • Buy Now Button
  • Reviews
  • Dynamic forms
  • Auctions
  • One-page checkout (working for anonymous customers as well)
  • Real Time Delivery
  • Media Gallery
  • Forms
  • Affiliate Store
  • Engraving and t-shirt printing service, embroidery products
  • Recently viewed items
  • Featured products
  • Related products
  • Mini Cart Module
  • Bestsellers

Social Features


•Link your store to social profiles like Facebook, Google,...

•Like, Tweet, G+ and Pin buttons for sharing content and products


Marketing / Product Presentation


•Unlimited number of products

•Unlimited number of fields and options per item

•Forms - customizable, flexible forms

•Media Gallery for each item ( video, music, flash, imgaes, donwloadable files, external links)

•Unlimited number files

•Loyalty Points


•Deal of the day

•New Arrivals





•Buy Now Button

•Zoom in function

•Show stock

•Inventory tracking

•Price Agent

•Affiliate programms

•Automatic generated customer lists

•Customizable layout

•E-Mail advertising

•Wholesale pricing

•Coupon Codes

•Gift certificates

•Social Media


•Light Box Effect


•Featured products

•Related products

•Bundled products

•Cross selling products

•Best Seller lists

•Wish list

•Price agent watch list

•Recently view items

•Configurable products

•Downloadable Products

•Free products

•Compare Products

•Price History

•Filter products

•Minimum / Maximum order quantities


Product Catalog


•Unlimited number of categories / subcategories

•Categorie views: tree, link box, drop down list, Telerik RAD Menu, Telerik RAD PanelBar, Unordered list, Gallery

•Easy category management - add / update and delete products

•Import / export products

•Assign products to multiple categories

•Unlimited number of products

•One-page checkout (working for anonymous customers as well)

•Real Time Delivery

•Media Gallery

•Affiliate Store

•Engraving and t-shirt printing service, embroidery product

•Mini Cart Module

•Intellegent search and filter options ( Alphabetical, Name, Price,...)

•Category selecter and restrictions


Shipping and Tax


•Tax by countries, regions, cities, ZIP match codes and products

•Supports Avalara - Real time US and Canadian tax rate calculation and address validation

•Tax exempt feature

•Define item based taxes

•Default tax value

•Real Time VAT Validation (Europe)

•Item based freight coast calculation

•Digital delivery

•Rate calculation based on: location, weight, quantity, price ranges

•Freight charge flat

•Free shipping / Free charge

•Chash on Delivery Charge

•Insurance Charge

•Delivery date calendar and delivery time selector

•Real time freight charges calculation depending on weight and dimensions of the item

•Real time rate calculation and tracking with: FedEx, UPS, USPS, USPS, DHL, Posten Bring Fraktguide, Airbone, Canada Post




•Multiple payment options

•( Cash in Advance, Cash on Delivery, Debit, Purchase Order, Quotation request )

•Accept payments in any currency

•Restrict payment method by user role or country

•Real time credit card processing

•Recurring billing

•Part payment support

•NetCharge support

•Payment status update


•Customers can see payment history, cancel subscriptions



Module Security / Search Engine Support


•Full HTTPS / SSL support

•Secure HTTPS/SSL administrative access

•Password protected administrative access

•Store admin

•Search and delete SQL code in search fields

•Credit Cards can be encrypted when pushed to the database

•Watermark function

•Backup system

•Notifications on failed login attemps

•100% PCI compliant

•Inserts the category name and the product name in the page title. Meta tags will be filled with the product keywords and the category and product short descriptions to get Top Rankings for all products

•Google analytics


Multi Portal Capable


•Multiple stores can share same database ( parent/child portals)

•Each store own items, categories, taxes, specifications, options, invoices, credit notes,....


Multi Vendor Mode


•Single vendor and multi vendor mode

•unlimited number of seller accounts

•Security system for each vendor

•Invoice / Order management for each seller

•Customer management system for each seller

•Customer can purchase from different sellers and gets one order notification

•Admin, host or store owner can supervise all and manage all seller information, orders, invoices


•Multiple product provider share a store for selling their products

•Each provider can manage own categories, products, product attribute, product relations, product types, specifications, taxes, payments, shipping related products, media galery. feedback module...

•Show best seller list, new releases,.. by seller

•E-mail notification system for: invoices, new releases, refunds, ..

•Sales commission management


Referrals / Affiliate Tracking


•Affiliate marketing system

•Referral E-mail notification system

•Referral management system: list referral sales, refunds, credit notes for referral commissions

•Referral buttons, links,...

•Assign a referee manually

•Automatically refund referral and vendor sale commission by discounts

 on orders


Item Import and Export


•Bulk upload of products, categories, customer data

•Database synchronization

•Import / Export / Update via Web service for: products, categories, product attributes, media files, user, order, price rule

•Import job scheduler

•Export of orders, products, customers ( Excel, HTML, XML, CSV)

•Support Microsoft Great Plains

•Ebay: item export ( products and categories) to Ebay (Ebay turbolister CSV) other formats: HTML, Excel, XML, CSV)

•Quickbooks: export itms

•Amazon Fulfillment: export


Design and Layout



•Fully customizable design and layout

•Several skins included

•100% CSS compatible

•Integrated CSS editor

•Intuitive navigation

•Customizable all messages, field names, notifications, sales agreement, checkout messages

•Skinning: HTML/ ASCX or XML skinning for all presentation layer

•Customizable HTML E-mail Templates for order, invoice, credit note E-mails

•Support Thumbnails

•Rich text WYSIWYG editing for product details HTML page and forms

•HTML E-mails, Auth Smtp and SMTP E-mail system

•100% changeable UI control texts of each language

•Category images


Shopping Cart


•Mini Cart module

•One page checkout

•Anonymous checkout

•Different ship to and bill to addresses

•Multiple shipping addresses

•Easy step by step cart logic

•Enter discount codes, gift certificates, etc.

•Customer can view, search and browse personal order history and order details

•Show discounts

•Customer check out message

•All orders stored in database

•Communicator / HelpDesk module

•Real Time Delivery

•Choose between payment options


Order Handling / Inventory


•Order and customer management system

•Send Invoices per E- Mail / PDF automatically to the customer

•Print invoices

•Customize Invoice template

•Sort invoices by payment status, date, item,..

•Recurring billing for subscriptions

•Define recurring interval

•Paypal subscriptions

•Recurring delivery / auto ship

•Partial shipment

•Combination and change of outstanding orders

•Delete ordered items not yet processed

•Auto Ship

•Shipping data for each item

•Option when invoice should be created: after order has been placed, after payment or manually

•Sales statistic / reports

•Payment reports

•Automatically stock update

•Customizable shipping labels

•Real time order tracking

•Shipping data for each item

•Add and manage unlimited number of customers

•Sort Customers


Multi Languages / Multi Currencies


•Supports multi currencies in one shop

•Currency symbols

•Language packages: English, German, Russian, Portuguese, Danish, Greek, French, Norwegian, Italian, Arabic, Dutch ( no warranty of completeness)


Customizable Localization


•Multi language support

•Language switcher

•Language localization for selected parameters

•Customizable translated keys for controls, messages, notifications

•Localized button images

•Globalized web controls

•Localized help files

•Customized currency symbols

•Second currency option

 The award winning e-commerce solution CATALooK.netStore is a professional, flexible and feature rich shopping cart solution which enables you to maximize the success of your online Enterprise. We have included all the necessary tools required to build a powerful eCommerce store as well as a feature rich rental system. We have also included a wide range of business models within one central application. We constantly strive to improve our software to meet our customer’s needs by listening and acting upon customer feedback and suggestions. With experience from more than 10.000 CATALooK.netStore installations since our first version of DNN1 in 2003, we have built a flexible, reliable and feature rich e-commerce solution. CATALook.netStore is also thriving among developers and supporters who also offer an ever expanding set of CATALook.netStore modules, skins and services. DNN 7 ready.